I’m Bloglovin!


After the sad demise of Google Reader, much fuss was made about Bloglovin’.  My only experience with Bloglovin’ was those weird drawings of (naked?) ladies that blogs posted on their site if they were Bloglovin’, which led me to believe that Bloglovin’ was some sort of sketchy (haha) blogging site. I stuck with Feedly, the “just like Google Reader, but better” option.

However, the weird ladies have have been replaced by a SEWING (YAY) section! This is pretty much the most fabulous thing I have seen!! It’s like a Pinterest board of recent blog posts about sewing. While not perfect (get out crochet pot holder tutorials!), it’s definitely a much better way to browse for sewing blogs than my previous two approaches—random googling and reading others’ blogrolls.

For those considering the switch from Feedly to Bloglovin’: There isn’t too much of a difference. Both sites allow you to save posts and to group blogs. Feedly seems to have a more customizable reader interface, although the Bloglovin’ feed page isn’t particularly different from Feedly (focus on images). I would say that the main differences are that Bloglovin’ allows you to categorize saved articles, which Feedly does not let you do (as far as I know) and the aforementioned “Explore” page.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin


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